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What Are We Watching - WAWW What dramas have we recently watched/ are currently watching - We share our impressions of these dramas. Completed Dramas 2021/22 Releases: Our Beloved Summer : The perfect slow-burn romance if there ever was. Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi’s acting brilliance, great soundtrack. Must watch Taxi Driver - Crime Thriller. Great plot up to Ep10, then it went downhill as a typical revenge drama. Esom’s prosecutor was kickass. Not a bad watch. The Silent Sea - Dystopian Thriller. Reflects a world that could be reality for future generations. Gong Yoo and Bae Doona dynamic is the highlight. Minal and Poonam recommend this. Bad & Crazy: Action/Thriller. Mainly for Lee Dong Wook in Action role. Good banter between Wi Ja Hoon and LDW. 12 episodes - Recommended by Sangeetha Ghost Doctor:  Fantasy/Medical. Witty banter, ghosts, good use of tropes, some great performances - Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, Sung Dong Il, cleaner ajumma. Watch, if you need a good laugh, says Sangeetha. Mad About Each Other: Romcom but leads have mental health issues. Realistic portrayal and heart-warming. Recommended by Poonam. Older Dramas: Mr Sunshine: Period Drama set in late 1800s/Early 1900s depicting Korea’s fight against Japanese invasion. Great ensemble cast, one of the best female leads in KDramas , beautiful cinematography and a gripping storyline. We all highly recommend it . Dalja’s Spring : Noona romance - strong female leads. Recommended by Sangeetha While You Were Sleeping: Fantasy/Legal. Great writing. A healthy love triangle. Jung HaeIn ruled this drama. Recommended watch. Flower of Evil - Crime Thriller. Great plot, Lee Joong Gi steals the limelight. It’s a crime drama, but Minal loved how it explored complex human relationships and trust. Recommended watch. I am Not a Robot: Romcom. Ridiculous plot but a lot of fun. Poonam recommends it for a fun light-hearted watch. Entertainer - Absolutely wholesome drama. Sangeetha and Poonam suggest hanging in there for initial episodes, the drama picks up after 3 episodes and is emotional, but heart-warming. Currently Watching Thirty Nine - First 2 episodes were underwhelming. Didn’t measure up to the high expectations given the cast. Forecasting Love & Weather: Messy start, but has picked up from episode 3. Strong female lead. Twenty Five Twenty One: Favourite amongst all of us. Kim Taeri is stealing the show, but the entire cast is essaying their roles well; especially Choi Hyun Hyuk who plays Ji Woong. Join the bandwagon with us :) Chocolate : A healing drama where the main leads - a neurosurgeon and chef come to work together in a Hospice and heal themselves with the patients. The friendship between the male lead and his friend, is one of the best Minal has seen in Kdramas. Music Credits:  Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/mood-maze/trendsetter. License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL;  Cover Art: Purva Bakalkar Contact Us : Twitter @CrashlandedonKD, Instagram @crashlanded_onkdramas, Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com, Leave us a rating or review on your podcast app.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/crashlandedonkdramas/message

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