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What dramas have we recently watched/ are currently watching - We share our impressions of these dramas. Currently Watching: Sangeetha's Picks: Eve : Seo YeJi’s comeback drama. It's a revenge drama with Seo YeJi playing the protagonist who is out for revenge from the chaebol family.  Why Her: Legal drama which is a women centric drama with Seo Hyun Jin playing the lead protagonist. Started it for her and has liked it so far. Kiss Sixth Sense: Based on the webtoon which both Sangeetha and Minal have read. Enjoying it and the lead actor Yoon Kye Sang is a favourite of both Minal and Sangeetha. Bloody Heart: Watched 6 episodes purely for Jang Hyuk, good so far. Minal’s Pick: Black Dog : Another Seo Hyun Jin drama that revolves around school teachers and the politics amongst them. On hold currently, but will definitely pick it up again for the different plot. Completed Dramas Secret Royal Inspector Joy : Poonam recommends this primarily for a progressive female protagonist played by Kim Hye Yoon set in the Joseon era. She meets the male lead TaecYeon who is a Secret Royal Agent and together they work to solve cases. Sky Castle : Minal loved this drama . It is a tragicomedy, a satirical take on the obsession of upper-class parents in South Korea to get their kids in the topmost universities at the cost of destroying others' lives. Excellent acting by a great ensemble cast and writing/direction. Sound of Magic: Poonam and Sangeetha loved this musical drama while Minal had mixed reviews. The drama is about a 30 year old magician and 2 struggling  teenagers who try to chart a path of their own against societal norms. 6 episodes only. Again My Life : Lee Joon Gi is back as a prosecutor action hero with a fantasy element where he gets to redo his life. Minal and Poonam loved it. Recommended watch, especially if you are a Lee Joon Gi fan. Soundtrack : Friends to lovers trope starring Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee. 4 episodes - short drama. Sangeetha recommends it. Love All Play : A surprise package which was the right blend of romance, sports, friendships with an emotional storyline. The supporting cast is good and Chae Jong Hyeop and Park Ju Hyun’s lead pair chemistry is top notch. Whilst it is not perfect, Minal recommends it for the best boyfriend ever written and portrayed to perfection by Chae Jong Hyeop in KDramaland. Music Credits:  Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/mood-maze/trendsetter. License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art: Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Leave us a review or rating on the podcast app. Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD Instagram @crashlanded_onkdramas --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/crashlandedonkdramas/message

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