Kdrama Year in Review - 2022

We look back at the dramas we watched in 2022 (most of them aired in 2022 and some which aired earlier) and pick our favourites, not-so-favourites, scenes and moments that touched our hearts, made us swoon over some actors, made us laugh/cry/pull our hair watching them and so much more. Dramas we discussed: 2022 Releases: Through the Darkness Twenty Five-Twenty One Our Beloved Summer The Law Cafe Kiss Sixth Sense Juvenile Justice If You Wish Upon Me Love All Play Sound of Magic Extraordinary Attorney Woo Forecasting Love and Weather Pachinko Little Women Business Proposal Ghost Doctor Gaus Electronics Reborn Rich Older Dramas: Producers Chocolate Prison Playbook Goblin Pegasus Market Poonam mentions ‘nok-jhok’ phase in Kiss Sixth Sense. It’s a Hindi term which loosely translates to bickering. Music Credits:  Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/mood-maze/trendsetter. License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art: Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Leave us a review or rating on the podcast app of your choice Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD Instagram @crashlanded_onkdramas --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/crashlandedonkdramas/message

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A Kdrama Podcast. 4 gals take you through the fascinating world of KDramas (Korean Dramas). They share what hooked them, what bored them, what got them asking for more, and what makes them continue to live in the rabbit hole that is KDramas! Come join the fun and spread the word! Music Credits: Music from Uppbeat: https://uppbeat.io/t/mood-maze/trendsetter License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art by Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Follow us on Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD / Instagram: @crashlanded_onkdramas Leave us a voice message or review