Bad Boys & Girls of Kdramas

In this episode we discuss the different villains / antagonists we have seen in Kdramas. The episode is full of spoilers so please skip the dramas you haven’t yet watched (See timestamps below against every category). We have covered a whopping 26 dramas and their villains - so you have ample choice to pick and skip ;-) 00:01:00 - Villains who overshadowed (or were good as) the main leads: Sky Castle, Innocent Defendant, Lawless Lawyer, Voice 1  00:19:00 - Evil family members: Itaewon Class, Kill Me Heal Me, Can You Hear My Heart, 00:30:50 - Terrible professionals: Doctors, Doctor Romantic, Vincenzo, Pinocchio, Racket Boys 00:43:44 - Housekeepers from Hell: Blade Man, Wild Romance 00:47:50 - Boyfriends from Hell: Touch Your Heart, Law School, Secret 00:52:50 - Twisted villains: The Devil Judge, I Can Hear Your Voice, While You Were Sleeping, Money Flower 00:59:05 - Villains which left people conflicted: Suspicious Partner, Itaewon Class, City Hunter 01:06:10 - Supernatural Villains: Tail of the Nine Tailed, Goblin, The King: Eternal Monarch 00:04:55 - Bollywood Iconic Villains mentioned: Gabbar Singh , Mogambo Music Credits:  Music from Uppbeat: License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art: Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Leave us a review or rating on the podcast app. Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD Instagram @crashlanded_onkdramas --- Send in a voice message:

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