894-Improving Goal Setting in Recovery Individualizing for Temperament (Personality) and Strengths

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Snap T: Strengths, Needs, Attitudes, Preferences, and Temperament in Goal Setting and Recovery 00:02:27 - Understanding Temperament and Personality 00:05:13 - Understanding Temperament and Communication Styles 00:07:44 - Characteristics of Introverts 00:10:13 - Understanding the Introvert and Extrovert Needs in Goal Setting and Recovery 00:12:46 - Processing Information: Sensors vs Intuitors 00:15:19 - The Intuiter vs The Sensor 00:17:53 - The Motivation of Thinkers and Feelers 00:20:40 - Motivation: Thinkers vs Feelers 00:23:15 - Differences between Judgers and Perceivers 00:25:51 - Motivation and spontaneity in recovery 00:28:22 - Understanding Strengths and Learning Styles 00:30:54 - Finding What Works for You 00:33:29 - Daily Living Assistance 00:36:05 - Meeting Physical and Emotional Needs for Goal Achievement 00:38:37 - Understanding the individual's condition and intervention needs 00:41:20 - Considering Environment and Safety Preferences 00:44:08 - Learning Styles and Processing Information 00:46:48 - The Importance of Balancing Details and the Big Picture 00:49:20 - Attitudes and Goal Setting 00:51:53 - Respecting Boundaries and Language Choice 00:54:26 - Addressing the fear of relapse in change 00:57:08 - Becoming Mindful of Internal Awareness 01:00:11 - Q&A Session Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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