893-5 Tips for Nurturing Your Inner Child During the Holidays

Chapters: 00:00:00 - The Causes and Prevention of Infidelity 00:01:03 - Different Types of Infidelity 00:02:10 - Emotional Attachment and Social Infidelity 00:03:19 - Different Types of Infidelity 00:04:31 - Preventing Infidelity in Relationships 00:05:31 - Effective Communication in Relationships 00:06:39 - Two-way Street in Relationships 00:07:50 - Opening Lines of Communication about Sexual Preferences 00:08:56 - Keeping Excitement Alive in Relationships 00:10:02 - Nurturing a Exciting Relationship 00:11:11 - The Importance of Avoiding Mundane Vortexes 00:12:15 - Insecurity in Relationships 00:13:22 - Being Present and Communicating with Your Significant Other 00:14:29 - Discussing the temptation of seizing opportunities 00:15:27 - Infidelity and Low Self-Esteem 00:16:31 - Fear of Rejection and Low Self-esteem in Relationships 00:17:37 - Reasons for Infidelity: Midlife Crisis and Insecure Attachment 00:18:40 - Building Secure Attachments and Meeting Needs 00:19:52 - Addressing the Underlying Causes of Depression 00:20:59 - Hypersexuality and Infidelity 00:22:03 - The Role of Sex in Addiction and Infidelity 00:23:15 - Strategies for Mental Health and Managing Stress 00:24:29 - Paying attention to your needs 00:25:30 - Kindness and Compassion 00:26:35 - Creating Safe and Empowered Moments Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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