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A Shot Of... Round #12 (our short silly quiz!)

von Business of Beverages | Vom 2021-10-10

Which drink doesn't contain its most famous "ingredient"? How do you pronounce Rialto? What exactly will Will and Foxy be doing next weekend and where can you get tickets to see them do it?As you'll hopefully have gathered by now, the Business of Beverages brings you drinks industry insights with makers, marketers and mischief every fortnight. However we thought that we would dial up the mischief with a short quiz/game played between Will and Foxy every other week (between the "serious" episodes).A Shot Of... sees each of our hosts take turns trying to guess which beverage is being described in cryptic clues. The points on offer vary as the difficulty changes and competition heats up!  Play along and let us know if you think you can do better! And remember, it's only a bit of craic.We would truly appreciate it if you could take the time to give us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts or some feedback directly. We gratefully receive and read every comment/review.For more insights, highlights and lowdowns follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @BizBevPod (manned by Foxy), or LinkedIn (manned by Will).To support the work we do, we would appreciate it if you could click here to buy us a coffee.Business of Beverages is self-funded and hosted/ edited/ independently produced by Will Keating. Pádraig Fox co-hosts in a personal capacity.All opinions are those of the person expressing them at all times.Recorded at Hellfire Studio, Dublin.Support the show (

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