Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World

Lessons from a Sustainability Catalyst, Danone

von Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World | Vom 2020-12-03

In this episode, Isabelle Grosmaitre, Catalyst at Danone, and Co-Chair Collaboration for Healthier Lives at Consumer Goods Forum, discusses how the company defined its “One Planet. One Health” vision, what it took to embed sustainability into the core of the business and innovation, and how companies should rethink how they engage stakeholders to create real, systemic impact and realize business advantage.

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Businesses have a unique opportunity to create a better world, addressing major environmental and social challenges in a way that creates new business value and competitive advantage. How can they do this? In this show, Dave Young, Fellow at the BCG Henderson Institute and Global Lead for the Total Societal Impact topic at BCG interviews senior business executives across the world to discuss their experiences and views on what it will take for companies to reunite the two "S-words" of business strategy: sustainability and sustainable competitive advantage.