Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World

Cross-sector partnerships for Sustainability

von Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World | Vom 2021-04-08

In the new episode of the Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World podcast, David Young — BCG Henderson Institute Fellow researching Sustainable Business Model Innovation — interviews Vicki Escarra, Former Global CEO, Opportunity International; Former President & CEO, Feeding America; and Former CMO, Delta Airlines. Vicki shares her inspiring journey across the private and social sectors. She reflects on the importance of cross-sector collaboration to drive meaningful, societal impact at scale while generating benefits for all organizations involved, including corporations. She shares her lessons learned on what it takes to build effective strategic partnerships for collective impact. Organizations involved need to: Set a common agenda, clarify the mutual benefits, match skilled resources to execute on both sides, measure and share progress frequently, and communicate. Trust, shared purpose, focus on impact, clarity of objectives, and accountability are the critical enablers for success. Applying these principles, organizations across sectors have a massive opportunity to create social impact, business benefits, and lay the foundation for a great legacy. *** About the BCG Henderson Institute The BCG Henderson Institute is the Boston Consulting Group’s think tank, dedicated to exploring and developing valuable new insights from business, technology, economics, and science by embracing the powerful technology of ideas. The Institute engages leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the boundaries of business theory and practice and to translate innovative ideas from within and beyond business. For more ideas and inspiration, sign up to receive BHI INSIGHTS, our monthly newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Businesses have a unique opportunity to create a better world, addressing major environmental and social challenges in a way that creates new business value and competitive advantage. How can they do this? In this show, Dave Young, Fellow at the BCG Henderson Institute and Global Lead for the Total Societal Impact topic at BCG interviews senior business executives across the world to discuss their experiences and views on what it will take for companies to reunite the two "S-words" of business strategy: sustainability and sustainable competitive advantage.