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von Brave New Teaching | Vom 2022-03-03

If you read the title of this episode, you may or may not know what this episode is about or if you want to listen! We say this because most people have different definitions of what text pairings and supplemental texts are. We go into detail of how we differentiate these two types of texts and when we use them in our lessons.  As most of you already know, the texts we choose are not the main focus of our units, but are used as tools to teach our concepts and literacy skills. In this episode, we will be talking through finding a text pairing and supplemental texts for a unit. Grab your ticket to the second annual Shakespeare Teacher Festival: Join Curriculum Rehab: SHOW NOTES:

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Join hosts Amanda Cardenas (Mud & Ink Teaching) and Marie Morris (The Caffeinated Classroom) in discussions about being brave, trying new things, and all things teaching! As seasoned classroom teachers, Amanda and Marie bring their experience, insight, energy, and oh, so many opinions and ideas... It's time for all teachers to take their classroom and teaching practice into their own hands!