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von Brave New Teaching | Vom 2022-06-16

Welcome to our third of four episodes in a series all about collaboration! In case you missed it, in part one  episode 101, we talked about collaborating with your teacher team (instead of being a lone wolf!). In part two, episode 103, Erin Castillo joined Marie to share about SPED and classroom teacher collaboration.  Today, we are going to start talking about the star of the show…the kids! We're sharing about several different ideas, from student-to-student peer collaboration, to teacher-to-student collaboration. SHOW NOTES: Follow us on Instagram: @bravenewteaching

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Join hosts Amanda Cardenas (Mud & Ink Teaching) and Marie Morris (The Caffeinated Classroom) in discussions about being brave, trying new things, and all things teaching! As seasoned classroom teachers, Amanda and Marie bring their experience, insight, energy, and oh, so many opinions and ideas... It's time for all teachers to take their classroom and teaching practice into their own hands!