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Kimberly Belle: My Darling Husband

von Bookreporter Talks To | Vom 2022-03-18

Kimberly Belle, the author of My Darling Husband talks to Carol Fitzgerald in our latest Bookreporter Talks To interview. The book takes a small-scale home invasion that Jade Lasky and her two children face, and ramps it into a high octane, life and death situation. Jade’s husband, Cam, must come up with a very specific ransom. Jade questions how well she knows her husband and his supposedly successful restaurant business. Kimberly talks about “the steak king” of Atlanta's ins and outs of the restaurant business, and how looks can deceive folks. She also talks about how she strove to create characters who would be realistic up against these odds. They chat about the Killer Author Club series that she is doing with Heather Gudenkauf and Kaira Rouda on Facebook. Book Discussed in this Episode: My Darling Husband by Kimberly Belle More Bookreporter Talks To: The Good Son: The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post: The Violin Conspiracy: Check out our Bookaccino Book Club live events! Jim DeFede: Lisa Scottoline: Sign up for the weekly newsletter here: FOLLOW US Facebook: Website: Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald

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