How to Best Write Your Book to Sell Other Business - BM335

Do want to use your expertise to write a book that helps you grow and sell other business? Listen as Business Book Strategist. Cathy Fyock shares her secret sauce to build a relationship between the book content and your message.In this powerful episode, you will discover...Why it's important to write a book as a business growth strategy, and how to go about doing it effectively.  Why positioning yourself as an expert in your field is essential, and how to do that effectively. The essentials to understanding your audience - what they want, and how to give it to themCathy's magic formula for writing your "About the Author" pageHow to write an enticing introduction to use prior to a speaking eventAnd a whole lot more...Here's how to find out more about Cathy's Writing Retreat "From First Word to First Draft"Email: [email protected]

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Jam-packed with smart, easy and simple ideas, this weekly podcast features experts who share proven techniques to add power and zest to supercharge your book marketing plan. Hosted by Susan Friedmann, CSP, international bestselling author, and founder of Aviva Publishing, this new and exciting podcast aims to rev up your marketing efforts with fewer struggles, and more success. Start listening today and discover how to get noticed in a crowded marketplace.