How to Best Use Your Stories to Persuade and Change Minds - BM341

If you want to know how to use your stories to persuade and change minds, this is a "must listen to" episode.Kelly Swanson, master storyteller, international speaker, and bestselling author, shares her secret sauce to help make your boring stories sing and dance, even when you tell them hundreds or thousands of times over.  In this week's powerful episode, you will discover...How the simple and powerful 3-paragraph method helps you create powerful storiesHow to offer a sensory experience with your storiesHow to be the musician of your story to make it sing and dance How to be the narrator of your own story so the audience relates in their own way How to turn “techie” language into “non-techie” speak  And a whole lot more...Here's how to get Kelly's free resources: The Story Formula;  Story Libs Template and much, much more.Click here to schedule your 20-minute brainstorming session with Susan

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