Episode 27 - Viktor Telégin

Episode 27 with Viktor Telégin, skateboarder, co-founder and CEO of Stockholm-based watch and eyewear brand CHPO.  Together we discussed him growing up in Stockholm, his love for skateboarding, football/soccer and snowboarding, working at WeSC and Quiksilver/Roxy for a few years, starting CHPO with his partner Johan Graffner in 2013, the brand's values focused on inclusivity and sustainability among other things, the many collaborations with charities, non-profits and brands they do every year, starting Skate Nation, a program dedicated to helping young refugees integrate Swedish society through skateboarding, going to Palestine for a month in 2019 to volunteer as a skate coach for Skatepal, collaborating with Bryggeriets Gymnasium class of 2022...  Intro (00:13)  Growing up (01:26)  First job experience at WeSC (07:28)  Strong interest for football and snowboarding (09:08) First job at Quiksilver/Roxy (12:21)  Starting CHPO in 2013 (16:31)  The values of the brand (25:10)  Korv watch collab with Post Details (32:41)  Sponsoring the bunt (37:24)  Skate Nation (40:54)  One month of skate coaching at Skatepal in 2019 (52:23)  Collab with Bryggeriets Gymnasium class of 2022 (55:21)  What’s next? (01:01:21)  Most valuable lesson learned from skateboarding? (01:04:14)  Friends questions (01:05:55) Conclusion (01:27:13)   For more information and resources: https://linktr.ee/beyondboards

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