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Remi Harris MBE 'Consultant/Coach' (Associatation of Independent Music, UK Music, Music Business Consultancy, funding, Young guns network)

von Behind the Music Business Podcast | Vom 2022-02-23

Episode 2 for 2022. Sorry it’s a bit late. At time of release its Half term so I’m going to have to be that guy and blame my children (how awful is that…) Anyway, this episode is a very special one as its a conversation that I have wanted to have for some time. Remi Harris MBE is a business consultant and business coach who has and does work with a huge range of people in and around the music business. Remi has held really interesting position in organisations such as the Association of Independent music (AIM) and UK Music before she set up her own business doing what she does now. It was amazing to meet and speak with Remi, learn her story of her journey through the industry and how she has developed and shaped her own path. Also, its also a big deal to speak to someone with an MBE. Get in touch with me via: [email protected]

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In conversation with a cross section of music business professionals for those who want to start their journey through any part of the Music Industry. The Behind the (Music) Business Podcast looks at the music industry and talks to those who work in it about their roles, interests and motivtions in order to find out more about the people 'behind the business'. Get in touch with the show via [email protected]