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Dean Marsh 'Creative Law and Business' (Music and entertainment industry law)

von Behind the Music Business Podcast | Vom 2022-04-18

We’re into April 2022 and this is episode 72 of the pod. It’s a conversation with music industry lawyer Dean Marsh. Dean is based in Brighton and runs a company called Creative Law and Business. I first knew of Dean waaaay back in 2003 in my first music business job and since then he has worked with many individuals and businesses that I have done work for and with. He is a fountain of knowledge about the business and the legal side of it and it was a real pleasure to talk to him about the role of a lawyer in the modern music business, Some of the specific work that he has done through the years, his time as a litigator and his early adoption and championing of the now flourishing DIY aspect of the modern music business. I really appreciate Dean finding the time to speak to me as, like most lawyers, its a hugely busy person. If you would like to know more about his company then check out the links below. Creative Law and Business Spotify playlist  Get in touch with me via: [email protected]

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