Bamboo U

Building Championship-Winning Bikes With Bamboo

von Bamboo U | Vom 2020-06-25

James Wolf and his wife Lam have been working with bamboo in Vietnam for over 20 years. He has started multiple successful bamboo companies combining his design skills with his passion for Bamboo. His products range from water fountains, to racing bikes, to 'squatty potties.' You'll need to listen to this episode to find out what that is. His mission is to design with bamboo not just because it is sustainable, but because it performs better than alternatives.

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The Bamboo U podcast brings you conversations about design, creative thinking, architecture, and bamboo. Bamboo U is an educational experience that teaches people, how to design and build with bamboo. We run workshops that show our participants how to create innovative structures out of bamboo, and how to incorporate bamboo into their own projects. This show is a series of interviews with bamboo experts and pioneers who are exploring innovative ways to inspire the world to work with bamboo as a sustainable timber for the future.