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Justine Zappa - Author of Birth Book

von The Parenting Collective | Vom 2022-05-02

On this week's podcast I am so excited to share with you Justine Zappa @justinezappa, she is a mumma of 3 and an author of her beautiful book, titled 'Birth Book - Bringing Belief back to birth.' It is an interactive guide to birth with belief, trust and instinct.  Justine has created the book, through all of her life experience around pregnancy, birth, loss and beyond.If you are wanting to purchase one of her books, head to her instragram @justinezappa.Hope you enjoy xoxoProduced by Sophie Jackson (@soundstreetworld)

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Donna Moala is Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, wife & mother of 3, supporting families throughout the world with her 1:1 guidance, for them to be able to achieve the miracle of sleep, via in home consults or zoom. Working with expectant parents through to children 6 years old. Donna Moala is the founder of Bub2sleep. Donna is heart driven and so passionate about spreading all the positive, biological, evidence based sleep truth, to make sleep support a positive experience and try to empower families to use their parental instinct and understand sleep is not a luxury it is a biological requirement and with love, comfort, support and never having to leave, that their bub can master the life skill of sleep.