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AvTalk Episode 161: Cigarettes and Oxygen don’t mix

von AvTalk - Aviation Podcast | Vom 2022-04-29

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, a confidential report hypothesizes cigarettes and leaking oxygen brought down EgyptAir flight 804, French investigators provide an update on Air France flight 11, and Boeing releases its first quarter earnings and guidance on its aircraft programs. Cigarettes and Oxygen don’t mix In May 2016, EgyptAir flight 804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea en route from Paris to Cairo. Preliminary findings, based on evidence retrieved from the black boxes and analyzed by the French BEA, indicated the presence of fire onboard the aircraft. The Egyptian government subsequently declared that explosive residue had been found and turned the investigation over to judicial authorities. Now a confidential report developed by French experts and obtained by Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera indicates the most likely cause of the crash was a fire initiated by one of the pilots smoking near a leaking emergency oxygen mask. Air France 11 update We discuss the update from the French BEA on the investigation into Air France flight 11, which had control issues on final approach to Paris earlier this month. Russian safety downgrade The FAA has downgraded Russia’s safety rating to category 2. We discuss what this means and the practical effects. Aeroflot out of Sky Team Following the suspension of S7 Airlines from One world, Aeroflot has now been suspended from the Sky Team alliance. Boeing reports 1st Quarter results Boeing reported its first quarter results this week, showing a few promising signs. But the big news was the confirmation that the 777X’s entry into service will slip to 2025. Airbus can resell Qatar A321neos A court gave Airbus the go-ahead to sell the 50 A321neos ordered by Qatar to other customers. Snarled traffic in Poland May 1st is the deadline for the Polish government and air traffic controllers to reach a deal to avert a system-wide reduction in flights in the country. Update: a deal has been reached. Low fuel in Johannesburg Following floods in the region, railroads that supply fuel to Johannesburg are in need of repair. This has created fuel shortages at the airport leading to the cancellation of some flights. Other airlines are tankering fuel or making a fuel stop at other airports before Johannesburg. Let us know what you think (and let your friends know too!) Thank you so much for listening! Like the podcast? Have suggestions for future shows? Let us know by leaving a review on iTunes. Reviews on iTunes not only help us make a better show, they help more people find the podcast! Want to send us additional feedback, just email us. And tell that friend who asked you for a podcast recommendation that AvTalk is the one they want to listen to next.

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