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Qorox Founder 3D Printing Houses in New Zealand | Automated Construction Podcast #21

von Automate Construction Podcast | Vom 2021-07-31

0:00:00 Wafaey Swelim Introduction  0:03:50 Getting the 3D printer certified and permitting in New Zealand   0:06:35 Building a print team  0:13:05 Publicity value of being the first construction 3D printer in the region  0:21:50 Macroeconomic need for automated construction  0:30:45 Wafaey’s favorite prints accomplished so far  0:43:30 Future of design & leaving precedent in the past  0:52:20 Onsite vs Offsite Printing  1:18:30 Collaboration potential and network utility in 3D Printed Construction

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All topics related to automating construction including but not limited to: 3DCP, Parametric Design, 3D Printed Construction, Materials Engineering, Software Engineering and more.