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Belinda Carr from the ICON 3D Printed House in Austin | Automated Construction Podcast Ep #23

von Automate Construction Podcast | Vom 2021-11-05

 @Belinda Carr  , her husband  @Carr Builds   and I talk about our stay at Icons 3D Printed House in Austin Tx while we are inside of it! This is the first podcast episode I've done inside one of these buildings and the Carr family all attended architecture school so their insights are from an educated and well rounded perspective. For those of you not familiar with Belindas channel she goes into detain comparing and contrasting different elements of construction. The best part of her channel is the blatant honesty including respectful criticisms when appropriate. I invited the Carr family to join me to this 3D printed building because I knew they would be able to bring great perspective to the table and with Belindas 160k+ subscribers I knew it was a great opportunity for her audience to get a deeper look at 3d printed houses. Please enjoy our discussion and check out their channels along with the other links below in the description.   My Youtube Tour of this Home  Virtual Village of 3D Printed Construction (Use Code "EARLYBIRD")  Check out my site  Book a consulting call  Book this AirBNB  3Strands  ICON  Belinda Carr's Channel  Chance Carr's Channel   0:00:00 Intro  0:01:30 Initial thoughts on 3D Printed House  0:03:06 Potential downsides of an excellent vapor barrier   0:07:04 Thoughts on design choices  0:15:44 What's sandbagging 3d printed concrete hint(the government)  0:28:30 Belindas thoughts on construction innovation  0:33:35 Making youtube videos 0:46:55 How Belinda killed the shipping container conversion  0:52:47 Pros & Cons of 3D Printed Houses  1:03:21 Icons past and future

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