418 Postpartum | Naomi, two births, birth trauma, postpartum doula, postpartum preparation, homebirth, postpartum cookbook

In today’s episode Naomi takes us through her first pregnancy and admits that she was so focussed on her birth preparation that she didn’t once think about her postpartum journey. Her birth was challenging and the newborn days were full of anxiety, severe sleep deprivation and a lot of not-knowing. Four months later she learnt about traditional postpartum care which inspired her to become a postpartum doula. Her knowledge and experience informed her next pregnancy and birth; she opted for an independent midwife and a doula, planned a homebirth, filled her freezer with nutrient-dense food and employed a postpartum doula to mother her as she mothered her baby. Naomi is wise, warm and a wonderful source of information for anyone who is pregnant and hoping to plan and prepare for postpartum.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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