Sleep-inducing Hair and Scalp Treatment 💆‍♀️ ASMR 💆‍♀️ Slow and Gentle

Welcome back to my soothing hair salon :) Today I will be slowly and gently creating a beautiful hair and scalp treatment for you ♥ I'll take a closer look at your hair 00:47 and examine your beautiful head all around upclose with gloves and comb 03:47 (lots of hushed whispers and behind ear sounds :)) and comb/brush your hair afterwards 13:26 . I'll use a flashlight to see the texture of your hair upclose a bit better 18:50 (uplcose intelligible whispers 19:38-24:05) and to come up with the best treatment for you. I'll quietly prepare a sea salt, lemon and olive oils scrub and a yogurt and honey mask for you 25:05 . I will be carefully applying the scrub 33:19 *WEIRD LOUD BUZZ* for 1 second 39:43 :( (I didn't notice it before posting,my apologies) and wash it off with sudsy shampoo 40:30 Now onto our rich and creamy hair mask 44:59 , applying it 46:34 . While we wait for the mask to do it's magic I'll give you a complimentary soothing lip mask 49:27 and eyebrow plucking 51:18 :) Now I'll wash off the hair mask 55:07 and towel dry your hair 56:49 as you relax. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! ♥ #ASMR #GentleWhispering #relax 2/10/20 --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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