House Tour ASMR 🏠 Lo-Fi • Fabric • Scratching • Tapping • Soft Spoken

Hello friends :) I wanted to create an ASMR realtor style video for the longest time and was finally able to rent a beautiful house for a weekend to film this, unfortunately during the trip I lost some of the audio/video (but quality gets better after 03:45). I hope you won't mind and perhaps it will add to a Lo-Fi experience! ♥ This property is located on the beautiful coast of California, is generously adorned with many fine pieces of art from Salvador Dali, rich textiles and intricate details that lend to an ASMR experience. If you would want to see more of these walk through style videos let me know, I'm a huge fan of house tours but there is not enough of them in ASMR style and I'd love to create more :) Happy house hunting! #ASMR #GentleWhispering #housetour 3/9/20 --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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