You have WAY more value than you know

Let's get to work. OK, try to do these every day. Share some new insights. Some picking up along the way. Crazy thing happened on Clubhouse yesterday, which is increasingly addicting, by the way. Who knows what will happen with this thing? So many questions around the topic of Clubhouse. Is it going to replace this or that or the other? The answer in my opinion is no. It's not going to replace anything, but it is a pretty good feeder system for other platforms, like somebody sees you on Clubhouse. If you're able to help or contribute, then maybe they go check you out on YouTube or listen to your podcast, or check out your Instagram or Facebook or whatever. It's also a great place to pick up insights about what's going on in the mind of your customer, which we've talked about before. So yesterday, I got pinged into a room...

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