Chatting with Nicole Thielk from MAFS S16 - Part 1

We had the opportunity to chat with Nicole from the recent Nashville season and it was such a fun conversation! We ask her all the questions we have always had about the show like the casting process, wedding dress shopping and the filming process. We also ask when she knew it was a yes for her and if she had any deal breakers. And yes, we asked about Ginger-gate.Part 2 of the conversation will be up later in the week as a bonus episode on Patreon (, where we talk about Afterparty, her pick for a new expert and her favorite couple from past seasons.Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram - @altarcallmafsOur Sponsors:* Check out Drizly:* Check out Earin and use my code Altar Call for a great deal:* Check out Factor 75 and use our code altarcallmafs50 for a great deal: this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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Every week, Tayne & Ade, two friends who love reality TV, will recap the Lifetime show, Married At First Sight. We break down each episode as each couple who have decided to put their trust in a group of experts and marry whoever they pick. They meet for the first time on their wedding day and we follow their journey to a possible happy ever after.There'll be laughs, there'll be serious talk and of course, there'll be shade. Join us for a for a fun conversation!