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All Things Cosmic W/Jon Ivan Gill E4: Queen Herawin

von All Things Cosmic | Vom 2021-06-21

On this installment of All Things Cosmic, we're fortunate to be talking with the indelible MC Queen Herawin of the legendary Juggaknots crew. Among the things we rapped about in this extended cypha session were the implications of being an educator and member of Hip-Hop Culture, the parallels between Hip-Hop creativity and teaching, the state of educational institutions, and her documentary series "The Process Sessions." You don't want to miss this special and rare discussion. Twitter: @TheQueenHerawin Instagram: @TheQueenHerawin Instagram: @theprocesssessions --- Support this podcast:

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All Things Cosmic is a podcast from the Center for Process Studies that engages cutting edge discourses across disciplines--from science, philosophy, and religion, to art, aesthetics and activism. Through conversations with scholars and artists whose work reflect process modes thought, we situate discourse among three core convictions: that creative evolution, axiological persuasion, and aesthetic articulation are fundamental to the cosmos. Far from being dislocations in a foreign universe, human existence, experience, and expression are exemplifications of all things cosmic. Support this podcast: