Ina Himle

Hello and welcome to another episode of Agility on the ear. Today we have the great opportunity to hear the agility Life story of an international agility star from norway as today's episode will be in english She started to run agility about 17 years ago with her moms mix breed. As a 9 year old girl her grandparents bought a sheltie so that she could have her own dog to train as well. From 2005 Nikki became her training buddy and In 2011 she bought her own sheltie from her savings, Kee. With him she participated at JEO 2014, EO 2014 (qualified to team-final), EO 2015 (8th place in final), World Championship 2015. As well they got some medals at the Norwegian Championship in 2015 and a couple of team medals at Nordic Championships during the years. In 2015 she got Wii, her dream sheltie! With him she has experienced BIG moments. Participated at AWC several times, and won gold in jumping in 2018! In 2019 they won gold in both Nordic Championships and the norwegianchip as well as a silver-medal in jumping at European Open! That year Norway unfortunately was not allowed at the AWC, but this was really his best year! In 2021 they won gold medal in team competition at the Nordic Championship. After Wii she have Chi, Chi qualified to class 3, but never got the chance to take out his potential. In 2020 she expended her pack with little Jet, a mini sheltie with a big attitude! Beside agility she have a bachelor degree in Global nutrition, but have since 2018 lived off working with agility! Hello and welcome Ina Himle Ina findet ihr auf Facebook unter: auf Instagram unter: Und im Internet: Agility auf´s Ohr findet ihr auf Facebook unter: Auf Instagram unter: Und im Internet unter:

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Aus der Szene für die Szene. Agility auf´s Ohr. Internationale Spitzensportler, Trainer und Funktionäre des Agilitysports gewähren uns einen Einblick. Hier geht es um Philosophien, Trainingsmethoden, Sichtweisen, dem zusammenleben mit Hunden und so vielem mehr...