Annika Af Klercker

Hello and welcome to another episode of agility on the ear. Today we have the great opportunity to hear the agility life story of an international agility star from sweden as today's episode will be in english She first came in touch with agility when she was in her late teens and trained and competed with their family dog. For sure not the easiest dog to train, but at least she learned to be persistent and to always be very inventive about new ideas for the training. This dog taught her that no challenge is too big and that there is always another way! After a many years long break from agility and dog sport life, when she was working day and night as a news photographer, she rediscovered the sport a little by accident – and got hooked immediately. So she restarted her career in 2012 with her Jack Russell terrier. And soon after that border collie Storma came into her life – and with her her life changed completely. From being a beginner, she tooks her to adventures she could only dream of. Podiums, national team, EO, AWC and traveling all over Europe. Thanks to her and agility she made so many friends and got to run the coolest competitions. They ended their career with winning the team final at Gold Rush, since she unfortunately had to retire shortly after that. Sometimes she thinks about herself she should more be interested about results - but she appreciate the joy of a cool run so much more- where she can feel nothing but the flow. Especially after Covid, when competitions was closed for almost a year, she feels more than ever that she just want to enjoy every second of her life with her dogs at its fullest! That the dogs lives and careers are so short and she wants to give them and herself the possibility to have as much fun as possible! She loves that this is a sport where you all the time have so much to learn and that you need to develop in so many ways. As a dog trainer, as an athlete and with your mental skills. She truly thinks it’s an amazing and complex sport that combines physics, the relation to an animal, dog training, memory skills and high focus in a very short time performance. People sometimes tell her that she has a great attitude and energy even if she or her dogs made some mistake. But she told me before it is maybe not her attitude. It is more about her life style motto: „you never know which run will be the last together“ That is the reason why she is truly grateful and happy for the possibility to do this. I am looking forward to hear more about this impressive person Hello to our swedish agility woman Annika Af Klercker

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