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Alen Mawlch Marekovic

von Agility aufs Ohr | Vom 2022-05-07

Hello and welcome to another episode of agility on the ear. Today we have the great opportunity to hear the agility life story of an international agility star from croatia as today's episode will be in english He began working seriously with dogs in the autumn of 1992, when he started training agility with his first dog. His career as an agility and obedience trainer took off very soon after, at the beginning of 1993. Since then he has been a member of the Croatian National Agility Team, first with Asa and later with seven of his other dogs. He also has been coach of the croatian National team from 1997 to 2015. He was member of KOSSP “Zagreb” for over 20 years and five years ago, he and his friends decided to form a new club - Zagreb’s Agility Club. He is president of Croatian Kennel Club’s Agility Committee, and from 2003 official Croatian delegate in FCI Agility Committee. In 2018 he became vice president of that Committee, in charge of the judging. In addition to having held agility seminars abroad for many years, he is an international agility judge (since 1995) and as well as Croatia, he judged all over Europe, but also in South Africa, South and Central America and Asia. Although he is an agility judge for a long time, he still prefer to run agility with his dogs. At the moment he run with five of them. In agility, he won many nice results with his dogs, the highest would be European Open 2002 vice-champion with Puppy, and European Open 2006 Champion with Cap, Puppy’s son. Also in 2006, with Cap he was a member of Croatian National team that won FCI Agility World Championships in Basel. I am happy that he agree for a episode Welcome Alen Mawlch Marekovic Alen findet ihr auf Facebook unter: https://www.facebook.com/alenmawlch.marekovic und im Internet unter: http://www.bordercollie.hr Agility auf´s Ohr findet ihr auf Facebook unter: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000037824468 Auf Instagram unter: https://instagram.com/diessnerjan?igshid=tt06gdmbfcvh Und im Internet unter: www.agility-akademie.de

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