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Reporter Stabbed Dead After Vegas Politician's Alleged Sex Affair Exposed

von Crime Stories with Nancy Grace | Vom 2022-09-14

Jeff German, a Las Vegas Review-Journal Investigative Reporter, is found dead outside his home. Days later, cops release surveillance video of a possible suspect in a wide-brimmed straw hat, an orange safety shirt, and black pants walking near the scene. More investigation revealed that German's reporting put him at odds with elected Public Administrator, Robert Telles. Earlier this year, German reported that Telles created a toxic work environment and was having an extra-marital affair with an employee. These claims seem to have cost Telles his re-election bid. Investigators searched Robert Telles' home, towing a red SUV, and finding shoes with apparent blood on them. A straw hat matching the one shown in the video was also found. Both articles had been cut up in an effort to destroy evidence, but DNA under German's fingernails told police everything they needed to know. Telles has been arrested for German's murder, and held without bail. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Matthew Mangino - Attorney, Former District Attorney (Lawrence County), Former Parole Board Member, Author: "The Executioner's Toll: The Crimes, Arrests, Trials, Appeals, Last Meals, Final Words and Executions of 46 Persons in the United States",, Twitter: @MatthewTMangino Caryn Stark - NYC Psychologist,, Twitter: @carynpsych, Facebook: "Caryn Stark"   Lisa M. Dadio - Former Police Lieutenant, New Haven Police Department, Annie Le Lead Detective, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Center for Advanced Policing and Graduate Program Coordinator, Investigations program, University of New Haven (West Haven, CT) Dr. Michelle DuPre - Former Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner and Detective: Lexington County Sheriff's Department, Author: "Homicide Investigation Field Guide" & "Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide", Forensic Consultant,  Vanessa Murphy - Investigative Reporter, KLAS-TV, Instagram: @vanessareporting, Twitter: @Vanessa_Murphy, Facebook: "VanessaMurphyInvestigates" Dr. Kristen Mittelman - Chief Development Officer, Othram Inc.,, Twitter: @OthramTech  See for privacy information.

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