Jodie Kidd. Overcoming anxiety after life as a supermodel and why she pushes herself to take on extreme physical challenges. Being a landlady, loving the country life and how she likes to chills out.

von | Vom 2020-12-08

Jodie Kidd is an incredible poster girl for drive and passion, throwing her heart and soul into everything she does. On this episode we talk about her early modelling days, and how an onset of anxiety and panic attacks led her back to her roots of the countryside and her family, her sister Jemma helping her to understand the nature of anxiety and her brother Jack getting her back into riding. We chat about her recent career highlights and how and why see likes to overcome physical and mental challenges including her partners recent discovery of a dis ordered relationship with food and exercise. Jodie strives for balance in every area of her life, with her family and her lovely son Indi and her health and being the landlady of her local pub the Kirdford Arms, she also knows how to chill out and enjoy herself.

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